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Inori Aikikai Aikido Dojo


Inori Dojo's mission is to promote the

Art of Aikido

as it was created and taught by O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba.

Effortless Martial Art

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Aikido is a dynamic Japanese Martial Art suitable for men and women of any age, size and build.

Aikido focuses on using the attackers' movement against them and include a combination of empty-handed techniques, along with weapons such as sword, staff and knife, all practised in a safe and friendly environment.

On a purely physical level it is an art involving throws and joint locks, placing a great emphasis on body movement, harmony between partners and safe falling.

Whether it is applicable self-defense technique, spiritual development, physical health or peace of mind, you can find it in Aikido!

Our school follows the Aikikai style of Aikido developed by Aikido founder Master Morehei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) during the 1920s.

Inori Aikikai Aikido Dojo is affiliated to Omeikai Kyu Shin Kan

Beginners are always welcome! Book your 2 x Free Taster sessions now and come along! Just wear something loose and comfortable, be open minded, and ready for a fun evening.


-training in the main hall

-plenty of space

-max. 30 people

-weapons training

-empty handed techniques

-mats: judo type (vinyl) - funded by the Suffolk Sports Fund through Suffolk Community Foundation

-fee: £5 per session (plus £25 annual membership/insurance)


MONDAY CLASS (Aikido basics) 

-training in the RC room (upstairs)

-smaller space

-limited numbers (up to 8 people)

-bespoke class for advanced students (e.g. grading preparation) and beginners (basics)

-only empty handed techniques (tanto - wooden knife, at times)

-mats: judo type (vinyl)

-fee: £3 per session (plus £25 annual membership/insurance)

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Conflict Resolution






meet the staff



Jamie Bunting

Dojo-Cho / Instructor / Treasurer

Jamie Bunting, Nidan, Aikikai, Hombu Dojo, Japan  

Sensei Jamie is Coach Level 1, DBS checked and First Aid qualified.

Jamie loves teaching and he is always there to help everybody during the class. He regularly travels around the U.K. and abroad, visiting clubs and attending seminars. Jamie also holds black belt in Iaido. 

Portrait Adrian.png

Adrian Munteanu, Godan, Aikikai, Hombu Dojo, Japan, Fukushidoin. 

Adrian is Coach Level 1 & 2 qualified, DBS checked, First Aid qualified.

Adrian is a long term aikido practitioner and trainer who can adapt his teaching style to the specific needs of each student. He runs the class on a friendly basis while staying meticulous and precise when delivering the lessons.


Krisztina Sásvári, Nikyu, Aikikai, Hombu Dojo, Japan

Krisztina started Aikido in 2009 and in 2023 she became Inori Dojo's Assistant Instructor.

Krisztina is a regular practitioner, attending most of our Aikido classes as well as regional seminars and courses.

  Krisztina is also studying Arakimunisai Ryu Iaido, Kenbu, Shibu, and Karate.

Krisztina Sásvári

Assistant Instructor 

Adrian Munteanu

Instructor / Secretary


Sean Wilson

Child and vulnerable adult Protection Officer

In short, Sean is our club's Safeguarding Officer. There is a good reason for this. Sean and Rebecca's son, Exley is a regular and enthusiastic Aikido practitioner, so Sean is always present in the dojo for support, if needed. Sean is also our Photographer and Webmaster, definitely an Artist, a Master of Sound and Tones - a Guitar Tech Wizard. Check out Old Bones Pickups website if you want to see with your own eyes and listen with your own ears.


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